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I currently blog at I’m the author of two books: a novel called The Secrets of Leaven and a work of non-fiction called Rewilding the Way.


Below are some brief articles I’ve written on the themes of watershed discipleship, place-based living, rewilding religion, and transforming the American lifestyle. They tend to be brief—just a few pages—and lend themselves to group discussion and study. Any of these documents can be downloaded for free.  If you do, I ask one thing: please let me know if you find them of interest, and how you use them.



Todd Wynward


Free Downloads [PDF]

#1: What is Watershed Discipleship?

#2: Region as Rabbi

#3: Toward a Bioregional Food Covenant

#4: High Tech, Ancient Values at Taos Pueblo

#5: Becoming Watershed Discipleship Communities

#6: Does A Changed Life Change the World?

#7: You’ve Been Occupied [Part 1 of 4]

#8: Jesus Got Converted [Part 2 of 4]

#9: A Way Forged In The Wild [Part 3 of 4]

#10: Undomesticated [Part 4 of 4]


A: Why Christians Should Care For Creation [Part 1 of 2, for The Mennonite]

B: The Watershed Way: Earth-Honoring Christianity [Part 2 of 2, for The Mennonite]

C: An Animal Among Animals [for Geez Magazine]


Contact Todd at to make bulk orders or to arrange visits, author residencies, internships, speaking engagements, writing projects, consultations, or wilderness treks.  He also likes it when you write just to say hi, or to surprise him with a good quote or new idea. 

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