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Carnival de Resistance

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Todd Going Feral with the Carnival at the Wild Goose Festival

The Amazing Carnival Crew

The Carnival de Resistance is a multi-day phenomena to behold. Emerging from the creative team of Tevyn East and Jay Beck, it pops up in unexpected places as part road show, part street theater, part eco-village, part demonstration site, part joyful anarchy, part circus tent, part gang of gypsies, part prophetic performance, part performance art, and 100% soul-expanding expression.


The Carnival was part of the Wild Goose Festival in 2014 and Todd took part of both! He served hand-ground cornbread communion, built an ill-timed clock tower, performed as costumed desert prophet and a Holy Mackerel, and presented about Watershed Discipleship and Decolonizing Your Mind.

Todd writes about his involvement with the Carnival in his new book, Rewilding the Way. For an excerpt, click here.